Dated v Brent

The spread between Crude Oil benchmarks for physical cargo loading windows (Dated Brent) and the most liquid benchmark (Brent).

The chart displays Onyx Daily Settlements. For live prices visit Flux.

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With maintenance barrels being priced, the North Sea crude market saw an incredibly bearish week in the prompt as physical differentials surged below $0/bbl into the end of last week…

Post-Expiry Clarity 

The resurgence of strength following a blip during expiry has allowed for the Dated market to enter February with strong buying in the face of a risk/reward skew previously thought bearish. 

A Song of Ice and Oil

Over the past two weeks, the narrative of the light sweet crude market has been predominantly shaped by supply-demand mechanics, culminating in a substantial rise in market activity.

Cold Snap…

It has been an astounding couple of weeks in the oil market with no shortage of drama, and the stage is set for a volatile conclusion to November. Just like the cold snap in Europe, Brent crude flat price and

Newsflash: CFDs are like soo last week

Crude: CFDs are riding the long wave, but how high are we expecting this tide to go?
Fuel – Dec 0.5 Barge Crack: strutting its stuff, but brace yourself for a price reversal – it’s the rollercoaster you never asked for!
Distillates – To quote Ned Stark, winter is coming (for Japan) – giving Regrade a bit of an upgrade

Gearing Up For Volatility

OPEC has once again seized the spotlight with their latest proclamation on November 13. In a bold assertion, they’re pinning the recent crude oil price rollercoaster squarely on the shoulders of speculators. These market maestros, according to OPEC, have been playing up the doom and gloom. 

Cocaine [Brent and WTI] Bear

Declining oil prices saw both Brent and WTI decrease for the third consecutive week, dragging both prompt futures price actions below $80/bbl to 3-month lows of $79.54/bbl and $75.33/bbl on Nov 8 for Brent and WTI, respectively. The bearish addiction

Pulp Futures

The market is in flux, with Brent and RBOB channeling their inner Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace. Brent has got its bearish groove on, while RBOB’s cautiously strutting a bullish outlook, likely fueled by some refinery drama.