Regular analysis and discourse on the energy derivatives market, presented by our Research and Brokerage teams.


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When the Funds Stop, Stop.

Martha Dowding looks at the odds for the oil market leading up to the Grand National.

April Fuels’ Day

April Fuels! Brent surpassed $90/bbl the week of April Fools' - but, no, it wasn't clowning on us. Onyx Quantitative Research Analyst Harinder Sandhu explains.

Q1 Oil Market Earnings Review

It’s been a quarter of ups and downs in the niche oil futures market, where both bulls and bears had their share of the pie. ...

Greggs is love, Greggs is life.

Another week, another crisis in the UK. The nation almost came to a halt this week amidst the Greggs IT outage which caused many shops ...

E12: Market Flow

The net activity of all market participants except for market makers is called the market flow. The flow often changes with players having a variety ...

E11: Hedge Funds

The influence of smart money on price action has largely increased over the last few years and played a vital role in further financialization of ...

E10: Market Makers

In the last 10 years we have seen the growth of financial markets correlate with the growth of independent market makers. Market makers, or liquidity ...

E09: End Users

End user hedging is an important buying flow to track in derivative markets. Opportunistic hedging can come in droves and provide a floor to outright ...

E08: Producers

Producers contribute greatly to the trading volume in the derivatives market. Understand exactly how this activity can move the market, and how rapid that movement ...