Our weekly deep dive across the barrel into what’s driving energy derivative markets.


A Tale of Two Margins

10d ago
Refinery margins calculate a refiner's profit margins - and usually, we see Asian margins tower over their European counterparts. Why then have M1 Asian margins ...

Taking Plastic Measures

22d ago
What’s the link between your car, a plastic straw, and your chemistry GCSE? Petrochemicals! Currently, the Asian and European petchem markets are seeing opposing strengths.

Dated Brent, the guy she told you not to worry about 

35d ago
In a year of stagnant crude oil prices, our latest article delves into why traders are turning to a lesser-known segment of the oil market ...

Gas-napping at the Wheel   

50d ago
Differentials exist in all markets, not limited to when you choose to pick a different captain to Haaland in fantasy premier league. In the oil ...

Propane… More Like Pro-pain

60d ago
Why is the Asian benchmark weakening while its U.S. counterpart remains strong? We uncover more about shifting demand patterns and market volatility mitigation strategies, providing ...