Podcast: World of Oil Derivatives

Join Greg Newman, CEO and Co-Founder of Onyx Capital Group, along with a plethora of guests, as they delve into the factors that impact the energy derivatives market every week.


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A Debrief on Israel and Iran | S6 E18

Off the back of another tense week with the recent attacks by Iran on Israel, Greg, Jorge, James and Martha discuss the impact (or, lack ...

Risks to risk parity | S6 E17

Prices were around $89/bbl last week, but since then there's been a noticeable uptick - not quite reaching $92/bbl and oscillating around $90/bbl since. Refinery ...

Finally, the Economy! | S6 E16

Brent Futures have made a notable climb since last week, hitting $89/bbl on Tuesday morning. It's crucial to analyse the impact of recent developments on ...

A Topsy-Turvy Market | S6 E15

Group CEO Greg Newman, Head of Learning & Development James Brodie, and Research Associates Martha Dowding and Vincent Wu are back to get you up ...

ONYX Leadership | Luke Mcdemott: The Future of the Panama Canal

What is the future of the Panama Canal? In another episode of our Onyx Leadership series, Onyx Capital Group CEO is joined by Onyx Partner ...

Onyx Leadership | Chief Technology Officer Ishaan Hemnani

Chief Technology Officer Ishaan Hemnani, joins Onyx CEO Greg Newman to discuss the vital role of technology in the oil derivatives industry.