Brent Forecast

Our weekly Brent forecast.


Brent Forecast: 22nd July 2024

2d ago
Rebalancing in High Volatility We expect Brent prices to remain in the low $80/bbls this week – despite a less saturated buy-side market – because ...

Brent Forecast: 8th July 2024

16d ago
Onyx Research Analyst Mita Chaturvedi reports this week's Brent forecast.

Brent Forecast: 24th June 2024

30d ago
Too close to the sun? The prompt Brent futures flat price contract recorded great strength last week. The contract began the week at $84.25/bbl and ...

Brent Forecast: 17th June 2024

37d ago
TARGET PRICE: $82-84/bbl Although we expect Brent futures to remain supported above the $80/bbl region, we hold a neutral outlook this week, with the front-month ...