Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a liquid formed by cooling natural gas to around -162 degrees Celsius (-260 degrees Fahrenheit). This makes it easier to store and transport.

LNG is a crucial component of the global energy market, serving as a cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuels in various sectors such as power generation, transportation, and industrial applications.

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LNG Market Report: There’s Nor-way the Gas is Back On!

Freeport LNG has sued contractors Zachry Industrial, Chiyoda International, and CB&I over defects in electric motors at its Texas plant, which have led to significant outages and costly repairs, with damages exceeding $1 million.

LNG Market Report: Will the Bulls Evaporate in this Heat?

The National Grid announced its plan to sell Britain’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, Grain LNG, as part of its strategy to streamline operations and focus on networks, as stated during the presentation of its 2023/24 business year earnings.

Waha-ha-ha-ha Hub – LNG Market Report

As crude prices strengthen, producers remain keen to keep crude flowing. However, these wells in the US produce natural gas as a by-product, leading to an even greater supply glut.

Good LNG Friday

Credit Agricole announced its decision to abstain from providing financing to two significant LNG projects. This move reflects the bank’s dedication to refraining from supporting new fossil fuel developments…

Heating Demand Who?

This fortnight in LNG, we have seen a poor heating demand in Europe amid stocks still at 66% of full capacity compared to last fortnight’s levels of 70%, on Jan 31. Read more in our LNG Report.

A Cold-play

With a forecasted cold snap in Europe a bullish run is expected in the prompt TTF contract.

Wuthering Freights – I’m So Cold

These last two weeks in LNG: we have seen a lack of support despite freezing weather as most LNG benchmarks were seen weakening, with Mar TTF notably trading from €34/MWh on Jan 05 to €27.97/MWh on Jan 18. Storage is decreasing but market participants are not worried.

It’s All About the Freight

Freight rates out of the US Gulf Coast fell 10c on the week, in turn weakness spread like the plague into JKM and most notably TTF contracts. Top news this week comes out of Australia, with Woodside Energy and Santos