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Dan-got(e) Fuel?

Nigeria’s Dangote refinery recently acquired 1mbbls of oil from the state-owned NNPC, its second crude oil cargo this month. What does this mean for movements in oil as we know them?

Jan/Feb EBOB takes home $35,000

Onyx Brokerage have come up with another winner through longing the Jan/Feb European gasoline spread, netting a profit of $35,000 after a recommended entry at $3.75/mt and securing gains at $2.00/mt.

ICE Gasoil – Hold the ICE

As the Yuletide season approaches, it appears that Frosty the Snowman might be opting for remote work engagements, given the latest weather runs in Europe to be at or just above seasonal normal temperatures until early January. Notably, temperatures across

Will Gasoline Save Crude?

To say the least, Q4 has been a volatile quarter so far for the gasoline complex, with prices for the crack spread seeing a U-shaped trend. Weakening US fundamentals on the back of increasing RINs supply was one of the

Edge Updates

Dated Brent: You Can’t Handle The Bull

In January, we saw a very bullish market, with genuine supply tightness, and what we ended up with was a market that jumped the gun, and got too short too soon ahead of maintenance.

CFTC Report: Money managers close positions

The week to Nov 07 saw a continuation of long money managers closing positions, marking two consecutive weeks of removing length, closing over 15mbbls, or 6.3% of all long positions in the week with length now at a four -week