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Will Gasoline Save Crude?

To say the least, Q4 has been a volatile quarter so far for the gasoline complex, with prices for the crack spread seeing a U-shaped trend. Weakening US fundamentals on the back of increasing RINs supply was one of the

Edge Updates

The Bears have come for (W)T(I)

Both Brent and WTI futures saw bearish sentiment flood the contract in the latest CFTC data, with net positioning for both contracts decreasing by nearly 20% week-on-week.

Heating Oil Makes Its Debut

In this week’s edition of our CFTC report, Heating Oil is making its first appearance, with it dominated by a risk off attitude. Crude saw bearish sentiment continue in both Brent and WTI, whilst Gasoil and RBOB futures took a

The highs but mostly lows of Crude

Despite the heavy weakness recorded in crude last week, both Brent and WTI flat prices strengthened with Brent back into $80/bbl-category. With our latest CFTC report, we analyse latest CFTC and ICE COT data on Brent, WTI, Gasoil and RBOB to highlight the hedgers and speculators behind these price movements.

Cocaine [Brent and WTI] Bear

Declining oil prices saw both Brent and WTI decrease for the third consecutive week, dragging both prompt futures price actions below $80/bbl to 3-month lows of $79.54/bbl and $75.33/bbl on Nov 8 for Brent and WTI, respectively. The bearish addiction

Pulp Futures

The market is in flux, with Brent and RBOB channeling their inner Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace. Brent has got its bearish groove on, while RBOB’s cautiously strutting a bullish outlook, likely fueled by some refinery drama.