2 Min Explainers

E12: Market Flow

The net activity of all market participants except for market makers is called the market flow. The flow often changes with players having a variety of agendas and entering or leaving a market. A flow can last for several days

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E11: Hedge Funds

The influence of smart money on price action has largely increased over the last few years and played a vital role in further financialization of crude and petroleum products. Benchmarks such as Brent and WTI are traded ten times more

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E10: Market Makers

In the last 10 years we have seen the growth of financial markets correlate with the growth of independent market makers. Market makers, or liquidity providers work to show prices on the huge number of oil derivative contracts that exist

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E09: End Users

End user hedging is an important buying flow to track in derivative markets. Opportunistic hedging can come in droves and provide a floor to outright prices or further exacerbate extreme moves upwards.

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E08: Producers

Producers contribute greatly to the trading volume in the derivatives market. Understand exactly how this activity can move the market, and how rapid that movement can be.

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E06: Oil Traders

In this episode, we outline the role of oil traders in the market. The oil trading market is now and highly competitive and oil traders are influential in the settling of financial contracts.

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E03: Access To Market

The barriers to participation in in the oil derivatives market are gradually disappearing. In this third episode in our educational series ‘World of Oil Derivatives in Two Minutes’, we look at the growing interest in the market and how greater

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