Highway to the Danger Zone | S6 E11

Oil markets are all of a sudden kicking into gear, and it seems we are now on that highway to the danger zone. With every market indicator of the underlying physical market strong, and forward derivative prices indicating that this will last for some time, the only thing left to truly perform is the outright price.

Will this carry through? And will the danger zone of inflation, demand destruction and overextension grip oil markets once again?

It’s been a bullish week in the crude market, which continued into a very strong Brent expiry for April futures. On the flat price side, it’s still a bullish tone but remaining range bound.

Refinery margins have seen a stark contrast week-on-week between the European and Asian refinery margins, which has come from a divergence in the gasoline market between the two regions.

The one to watch this week is China, as its announced its aim for an economic growth rate of 5% in 2024,and CPI around 3% – which aims to add 12 million urban jobs in 2024.

And on our Googling Oil segment, the main story to follow this week is OPEC members extending production cuts in bid to boost oil price.
Finally, Vincent’s trade idea for this week is to short April or May Sing 0.5% crack.