Macro Mondays | Strong USD, European Elections and Roaring Kitty’s Live Stream

Macro-Economic Specialist James Brodie is joined by Onyx Research Analyst Harry Nedeljkovic to discuss what’s been happening in the markets, including Friday’s US pay roll data, the European elections over the weekend, and the big moves in gold. James and Harry also discuss the Trade of the week, EURUSD and GameStop.

Friday’s US payroll data saw 272,000 jobs created last month, much higher than expect the expected 180,000 jobs – which took the market by surprise, resulting in yields being ramped much higher and the US dollar strengthening aggressively.

The European elections took place this weekend, with Identity & Democracy winning 58 seats (gaining 9 seats) and the EPP with 186 seats (gaining 10 seats). Whilst the Socialists and Democrats have reduced their vote share along with the Greens, the centre right has managed to maintain a decent amount. With immigration sky-rocketing since Brexit, Harry and James answer the question; is this discontent with immigration, or with government?

Roaring Kitty is also back in the news this week after resurfacing on a live stream watched by hundreds of thousands on Friday; James and Harry discuss his influence on the market.

On to the chart of the week, the EURUSD broker lower again. The market reacted strongly to the dollar after strong US payrolls, with the biggest two day move lower since September.