Onyx Leadership: Jonah Van Bourg S6 | E03

Onyx Director Jonah Van Bourg discusses his extremely eventful career thus far with CEO Greg Newman. From how his experience working at Goldman Sachs and Vitol, to working on the floor on Lehman Brother’s floor, in the midst of the biggest bankruptcy in American history.

Jonah discusses his experience in crypto trading and sheds light on how crypto and oil are incredibly similar commodities in a lot of ways, drawing parallels to their shaky beginnings, where people had discovered it, but didn’t necessarily know how to use it yet, or the derivatives that would come from it.

With the US election looming closer, there’s a lot to be said about how the outcome of the election will impact the price of oil and the energy markets. What could happen if there are wild card events like Trump or Biden dying, to how the transition of party leadership could tear up the oil industry.