Brent v Dubai

The spread between Crude Oil benchmarks in the North Sea (Brent) and Middle East (Dubai).

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Geopolitical Risk Equilibrium

The past fortnight saw the soon-to-be-prompt Mar Brent/Dubai contract rise above 80c/bbl on Jan 16, before sinking to 50c/bbl by Jan 24 and then rise again to 60/bbl come Jan 29.

Market Shift as OPEC+ Meeting Approaches

Daily net flows in Jan Brent/Dubai have been heavily skewed toward the sell-side from the middle of November with the 7-day trading split sitting 30:70 on a long:short basis. Market dynamics are tentative as the looming OPEC+ meeting dominates sentiment,

Edge Updates

Dubai Market Report: Oils Well That Ends Well

Following our previous report, OPEC subsequently announced on March 3rd that they would be extending their cuts from the first quarter of 2024 into Q2 2024. This development, despite wide speculations that the cuts would be maintained, was evidently not

G(OSP)ing Around: An Insight into Dubai Crude

And just like that the OPEC meeting came and went. Jan slipped to a low of -40c/bbl on Nov 30 following the meeting as Dubai bulls half-heartedly sold into the immediate aftermath, letting prices peak below the lower Bollinger Band. Then as we collectively turned our pages on our calendars (us who still use paper) the Dubai bulls lost control and prices began to rally.

Newsflash: CFDs are like soo last week

Crude: CFDs are riding the long wave, but how high are we expecting this tide to go?
Fuel – Dec 0.5 Barge Crack: strutting its stuff, but brace yourself for a price reversal – it’s the rollercoaster you never asked for!
Distillates – To quote Ned Stark, winter is coming (for Japan) – giving Regrade a bit of an upgrade

Cocaine [Brent and WTI] Bear

Declining oil prices saw both Brent and WTI decrease for the third consecutive week, dragging both prompt futures price actions below $80/bbl to 3-month lows of $79.54/bbl and $75.33/bbl on Nov 8 for Brent and WTI, respectively. The bearish addiction

Pulp Futures

The market is in flux, with Brent and RBOB channeling their inner Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace. Brent has got its bearish groove on, while RBOB’s cautiously strutting a bullish outlook, likely fueled by some refinery drama.