Market Update

Risks to risk parity | S6 E17

Prices were around $89/bbl last week, but since then there’s been a noticeable uptick – not quite reaching $92/bbl and oscillating around $90/bbl since.

Refinery margins have weakened, with refined products struggling – with the exception of gasoline. Gasoil is extremely weak, with poor distillate performance in all regions. EBOB has seen greater strength with the market keen to buy into last week’s weakness.

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Finally, the Economy! | S6 E16

Brent Futures have made a notable climb since last week, hitting $89/bbl on Tuesday morning. It’s crucial to analyse the impact of recent developments on oil demand. Notably, both China and the USA have seen expansions in manufacturing activity, marking significant milestones. What has been the impact of headlines regarding tighter supply and the possible contagion of geopolitical turmoil in the Middle East?

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A Topsy-Turvy Market | S6 E15

Group CEO Greg Newman, Head of Learning & Development James Brodie, and Research Associates Martha Dowding and Vincent Wu are back to get you up to speed on micro and macro changes to the oil market – from a trade idea dubbed “The Widow Maker” to major headlines from Russia and the US.

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